Best Rife Machine?

Here’s some good things to know before buying any so called “Rife Machine” out there…

As I’ve stated before – if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

Such a cliche these day but hard to deny.  Unfortunately a lot of what is claimed out there really is too good to be true. Unless you’ve somehow crossed through a portal over into another dimension Royal Rife’s technology was effectively buried. The best you are going to find is the resurrection from the embers of what Rife created.

Point #1 – Frequency Range:

It’s really important is to know the frequency range of the machine you are considering. You’d be surprised how many manufacturers try to hide this particular feature behind codes which represent ‘secret’ frequencies. If all the frequencies are secret then you won’t even have a clue what range these frequencies are in. (Un)Fortunately most of these machines have actually been forcibly removed from the market but you’ll still find them used so it’s important to keep in mind.

What you want is a wide frequency range. It shouldn’t just be limited to audio frequencies. If you want something that’s actually close to the type of technology that Royal Rife was using your machine must have radio frequency (RF) capabilities.

Point #2 – Does it have an RF Carrier?

Knowing the frequency range is a good start but without the RF Carrier the only way someone can really claim that it is “Rife Technology” is by a misunderstanding of history. You could question my statement because there is proof that Rife’s friend and partner in the later year John Crane did build and distribute “Rife Machines” in the 50′s and 60′s that had no RF Carrier.

Unfortunately these were known to be the least effective of all the historical machines. These machines did spawn a new era of exploration into the use of audio frequencies as a therapeutic approach which led to the use of microcurrent (lower current than what Crane used) machines for effective pain relief. This type of technology is now in wide use by Chiropractors and other alternative practitioners.

However – this is NOT Rife technology. It’s not running frequencies to kill bacteria and viruses. For this Royal Rife used RF Frequencies.

Point #3 – Sine Waves, Square Wave, and Pulsing

There’s this misconception that Royal Rife used square waves. Truth is that in the 1930′s when the most effective Rife machines were built the technology for square waves hadn’t been invented yet! Cutting edge electronic technology in the 1930′s involved the use of vacuum tubes (called “valves” in the UK). It wasn’t until decades later when solid state (computer) technology was invented that square waves were even possible.

Pulsed sine waves is what made Royal Rife’s original technology work. It was the mixing of radio frequency (RF) broadcasted through a plasma tube antenna while pulsed with a lower audio frequency.

So make sure any “Rife Generator” that you are considering has the capability to run sine waves.


There is no more time for secrets when it comes to Rife’s technology – that’s why I have given away the Rife Report for years. The report is quite comprehensive and has been updated many times over the last few years to keep up with the latest research to replicate his technology.

My subscribers also get a report of the most cutting edge exclusive DNA Frequency list. Similar lists sell elsewhere for hundreds of dollars but I just want to share this important information.

What about the Beam Ray Rife Machine?

This historical machine was a machine that Rife himself may not have understood the working mechanism as it was a redesign of previously much larger instrument with many huge tank coils. Phillip Hoyland engineered an instrument which could run all the high frequencies that Rife needed from a much smaller unit.

Unfortunately Philip Hoyland seems to have had a dark side. Legal battles destroyed the Beam Rays Corporation and the historical machine was never even put into production.

My subscribers have reference showing what frequencies Royal Rife was actually using when he figured out how to eliminate cancer with electronic frequencies. You can even compare the frequencies that were used on all the historical frequencies. So you’ll know the original frequencies that Rife used in all his different machines (including the famous 1930′s machines) so you know what to look for in a “Rife Machine” if you choose to make a purchase. Also keep in mind smart companies would never put the word “Rife” on their machine because it makes it illegal to sell.

I’ve shared three important factors to look for in a frequency generator (so called “rife machine”) if you choose to invest and research with this technology. You’ll find others in my other articles on this site.

Just enter your first name and your primary email address in the form on this page and you’ll have access to a wealth of ‘cut to the chase’ info on Royal Rife so you don’t have to wade through rubbish to find the gold.

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ANDREW ANDERSON February 11, 2012 at 12:24 am

Thanks. I am just getting started in this field.


Jorge Escalante February 12, 2012 at 10:28 pm

I’ve been researching Rife Tech for some years, and I agree with you completely. At first, I used a software that generates audio waves and an audio amplifier. It gives good results for minor deseases, etc. Then I read what you say: Rife used high frecuencies as carrier for the other audio frecuencies. I am trying now a function generator for high frecuencies (up to 20 MHz) pulsed from the known audio frecuencies. The output waveform is a little distortioned, supposed to be a squared positive pulse, but I thought the harmonics could help to destroy the pathogens. It’s too soon to tell that this idea works, but I’m getting some promising results. I’ll tell you more in another mail.
Best regards


Mike February 14, 2012 at 3:01 am

Looking for the best machine.


Peggy Durkop February 17, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Same story, same song. I’ve been suffering for 13 years, was dx with Lyme in 2004 but doctor retired two months later leaving me high and dry with a port in my chest. I have not been able to find another doctor since then. I am homebound on an oxygen concentrator as one body system after another is failing. I started looking into the Rife technology about two years ago but became overwhelmed. I thought I would try again, though I’m probably biting off more than I can chew. Thank you for your site.


Joshua Parker February 22, 2012 at 10:02 pm

Hi Peggy,
Glad to hear you are looking back at Rife technology again – let me know if there’s anything specific that I can do to help clarify anything and help make it not more than you can chew. Give me a ring sometime.


Bob C October 23, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Just started invetigating. Thanks for mentioning the importance of RF when deciding on a machine.


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